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Shopping on a mobile device has always been more complicated than on a desktop. While today almost 20% of all e-commerce traffic comes from shoppers using mobile, conversion is still 60%* lower than those using desktops. Until now.

Klarna Checkout takes the hassle out of buying on mobile devices by making it simpler than ever. The friction-free process lets consumers make a purchase instantly using only their e-mail, with no pre-registration or credit cards. The result? Mobile conversion rates are now just as high as on desktop, if not better!

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* Source: The State of Retailing Online 2012, a study by Forrester Research: 60% lower conversion on mobile devices compared to desktop. 87% of merchants experience lower conversion on mobile devices while Klarna Checkout actually converts 1.5% better on mobile than other desktop checkouts.

Three great reasons to offer Klarna

Increase your sales – risk free

When you offer Klarna on your web shop, you open up your e-doors to millions of potential consumers who prefer to pay by invoice. Because Klarna is the safest and simplest way to shop online, you decrease the cart abandonment rate and increase conversion, resulting in more sales. Klarna also assumes the risk, which means you’ll always get paid, no matter what.

Easy to get started

Thousands of online merchants have already discovered how offering Klarna on their site has increased their sales. And it has never been easier to get started and integrate. Simply fill in your details above or follow the link at the bottom of this page, and a few easy clicks later, you’ll be on your way to offering one of Europe’s most popular payment methods. You’ll also minimize your administration with the New Klarna Online – the easiest way to manage your orders.

The safest and simplest solutions

Every business is different. And so is every consumer. That's why Klarna offers several solutions which make it safer and simpler for different consumers to shop at your web shop. With Klarna, consumers will always get their goods before they pay, and you'll always get paid, regardless of the service. Choose to offer one or more of our services to fit your consumers’ needs and help increase your sales in the most effective way.

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