Klarna Statistics


Klarna is a part of The Klarna Group, here is some of our statistics


Total end-customers: 35 000 000
Total number of merchants: 50 000
Number of transactions per day: 250 000
Total transactions from start: 220 000 000
Number of employees: 1200

E-commerce Market Share Northern Europe:

10 %


Klarna’s regulatory status

Klarna AB (corporate registration no. 556737-0431) is a Swedish company, which headquarters are located in Stockholm. Klarna AB is a credit-market company under the supervision of Finansinspektionen (the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority). You can find more information on our license to provide financial services in Finansinspektionen’s register.

Klarna AB provides financial services cross border within the EEA based on this license, which has been passported in accordance with the EU Directive 2013/36/EC. See Klarna’s local websites for more information on our passported license and the local FSAs.

Klarna AB’s foreign subsidiaries provide sales support to Klarna AB in the local markets. Klarna AB is the counterparty to all agreements with merchants and end-customers.

Anti-Money Laundering

As a regulated credit-market company, Klarna is committed to fully comply with Anti-Money Laundering rules under the EU Directive 2005/60/EC. Klarna’s instructions and procedures are intended to prevent individuals engaged in money laundering and other financial crimes from using Klarna’s products and services.

An important part of the prevention is to know who we are dealing with. To meet the “Know Your Customer” requirements, Klarna needs to verify your identity in a reliable manner. This means that when purchasing via Klarna, you will be asked to provide us with certain personal data, such as your name, address and date of birth. This also means that when you call us, Customer Service may ask control questions, to verify your identity. This way we secure your integrity. When collecting and handling your personal data, Klarna will safeguard and protect your data privacy rights.