How to implement Klarna’s Logos

Fill out the form below and click the button "Get logotypes" to generate links to the Klarna logotype. Use the provided links to replace the source of any old Klarna logotypes. Once you’ve done this, you’ll never have to update your Klarna logos again, since we host them for you, ensuring maximum availability and fast loading times.

Simply follow the guide below

Klarna e-store ID:
I offer Klarna in:

Klarna payment methods:

Please note!

If you have several stores, don't forget to change the EID for each unique store.

Detailed instructions

1. Find your new image tag URL

Simply switch the values for the src parameter under the img tag, wherever you are currently displaying Klarna Logos, with the right URL you easily get by submitting the form above (Klarna Logo, Klarna Invoice logo, Klarna Account logo).

2. Set your image size specifications

Klarna now provides the you with an automated, on the fly image resizer. This means, you can specify the exact dimensions of the Klarna Logo you want to display, and we will provide it automatically. The resize function is used by adding either the width, height or both to the image url as follows:

Please note that if both width and height are used, the order must be maintained with width being the first element and the height the second in the URL.

3. Add your merchant EID to the URL

As a merchant, please always add your Merchant eid to the image URL:

4. Replace the image source of your current Klarna Logos

To get the new Klarna Logo, simply copy and paste the image source from the form above, into the current places you are displaying the respective Klarna logotype in your shop. Please note that the suffix includes a placeholder for your requested width and your EID, that both must be filled in.